Company Profile

Operational Expertise

Capable of gathering counterfeit intelligence against all channels of production & distribution, holding large quantities of fake goods.

Developed contact with all related authorities & custom, as it's vital for ITMW in finding out possible shipments of counterfeit goods and confiscating them before entering the Saudi market. ITMW not only files its complaints to the authorities against offenders without having to purchase a fake & a genuine sample; It also has the advantage of saving time by filing a single complaint to trigger actions against many outlets.

Accompanying officials as they conduct enforcement activities against counterfeiters. Consequently, quality results are always witnessed by our operational team because our team is well trained and has enough experience to help officials differentiate between the genuine & fake.

Mostly providing photographic documentations of the seized counterfeits or enforcement activities although it is not encouraged by the authorities.

Facilitation of enforcement action process making it easier for ITMW and authorities to maximize their output for each brand.

With our experience & better understanding of system in Saudi Arabia, we have developed the expertise to expatiate the destruction process of the confiscated goods.

Our experience operational team has an excellent network of informer in the market. It has taken our team a good time to lay down existing informer system in Saudi Arabia.