Trademark Enforcement Program

ITMW serves as a single point of contact & coordination for its client, with the authorities.ITMW submits all required documents for the authorities in order to facilitate anti counterfeit activities for its clients.

Following are the services covered under TEP for the brand protection

A. Counterfeit Intelligence

Gathers counterfeit market intelligence on all the counterfeit channels within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This activity is conducted prior to the facilitation of any seizure for our Partners.

These channels mainly include Corporate, Retail shops, wholesellers, Warehouses, Printing Press, Packaging Areas, Saudi Ports, Borders, & Importers.

B. Mystry Shopping

Conduct Mystery Shopping Activity against suspicious channel in the market.

Producing samples to the authorities as an evidence against the counterfeiters or if required, to our Partner for their verification.

C. Complain Submission

Prepare all required documents and differences, listing the similarities between orignal & fake (in Arabic) for submitting a complain.

Submitting the required complain against the counterfeiters

D. Raid Enforcement

Carrying out properly surveyed and prepared raids based on sound intelligence and research to provide maximum effect Following objectives will be covered during the enforcement activities.

Obtaining all required approvals from the authorities in order to ensure a quality seizure against the counterfeit channel.

Providing the necessary guidance on the required role of the authority during the enforcement activity.

Accompanying the authorities during the enforcement activity to ensure that they are progressed properly, identify counterfeit goods and ensure that they are seized properly.

E. Destruction Services

Providing administrative follow up with the authorities regarding the approval for the destruction of the seized products & updates its client regularly on the status of these goods.

After the decision from the authorities for the counterfeit disposal, ITMW provides all the logistic support & coordination for the destruction of the seized goods.


ITMW Educational Program

Organizing and conduct, training sessions for the authorities (Ministry of commerce, Customs & Quality Control) to educate the officials on various types of counterfeits.

To increase working relationship between authorities, our client & ITMW.

To provide on hand & instant knowledge on our Client products for identifying difference between original & fake.

To provide documentation knowledge for the staff about the shipments procedure of our clients to Saudi Arabia.

Consequences of counterfeits in order to highlight the danger & threat they hold for the consumer.

Identifying the background & working methodology of counterfeiter network globally.


Anti-Counterfeit Market Research

The audit helps to identify the counterfeit level of a brand in the specific market of Saudi Arabia. It also identifies the threat faced to the brand by the look alike and third party/compatible brands available in Saudi market. This study has served as a milestone for ITMW clients in order to plan the anti counterfeit activity for Saudi Market. Will identify the retailers/wholesalers involved in mixing between original, fake, look alike & others. It will help in following benefits.

Identifying the level of unauthorized signage in the market.

Will identify the channels involved in mixing between original & fake.

Will identify the ratio of different brands in the market.

Will identify the level of threat faced to the genuine parts from fake & look alike.


Trademark Registrations

TM is your brand identifiers. They tell consumers who is the producer or who is providing the services. They can include any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination of all to be used, or projected to be used, in market to isolate and separate the products or services of one manufacturer, and to specify the source of the goods. They are the way the consumer identifies what they are buying and who is providing the goods or services behind what they purchase.


Legal Services

ITMW has its own internal legal team, which consist of highly experienced lawyers in IP & Trademark sectors. Our main services include:

Filing a legal case against the counterfeiters in the court.

Registration and renewals of trade marks and logos.

Any otherr kind of Intellectual Property related service.